Now I tell you my story.. The last year when I have a history text, after the scool I tried unsuccessfully to study because I did not understand anything.  So I decided to go out, to take ice cream with my boyfriend. I was around all the afternoon to go shopping. Afteri, in the evening when I came to home I started to study with a lot of peaceful and calmer,  I studied until 2 am, maybe I slept only 3 hours. At 7 as usual I went to school and the exam went very well fortunately. Two years later I think it’s worth it just to sleep because it was the only way (maybe even a little irresponsible or crazy) to combat my anxieties by putting an end to my stress.


stress in children

The stress begins to affect people from infancy, in particular from an early age there are issues that affect children and destabilize them. Among these problems there may be: not feeling accepted by peers, not feeling understood by their parents, feeling inferior to others and the birth of brothers or sisters who bring their children to get jealous and turn in on themselves. This creates discomfort in children, and our advice is to not try to invade their world abruptly but try to understand them and groped a gentle approach.

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Stress from school !


Michela and I last year we were very stressed during the summer because we had to recover three subjects (mathematics, Latin and English).
So between remedial classes and study at home recovering, we did not have time to enjoy the summer and we were very stressed spending most of our spare time to studying.
The only remedy to avoid being stressed out during the summer is to study during the winter and enjoy our well-earned holiday!
by Mario Michel Severino and Ventura

How to manage stress

One of the best ways to recover from stress is a good use of time, that in addition to the study, must also be formed by free time.
In fact often the men are taken from the stress in the most grueling moments and it is for this reason that should take two-three hours in the day to be with friends, do physical activity or, however,to occupy the time with other “distractions”. Distractions, as already said, can be linked mainly to the sport that often helps the man to free himself from the anger and tension caused by stress. Another important anti-stress is to talk to other people, expressing their difficulties.

stress and time management… <3

We often feel stressed because we think we have to do too much. Our problemcould be caused by poor time management. Learning time management skills will help us reduce stress.Ci are days when I feel like I have to do too many things and I feel very stressed, so I’m calm and I can manage the time available to me trying todo not leave anything out .. In order to manage the time you learn to say NO! Avoidunnecessary hassle and tedious waste of time … set of limitations, set the stakesvery specific on what to do or not do in every area of your life .. Organize your tasksto be performed as a first priority, the Plan also use the downtime that there aretimes when nothing is done and you have to spend that time doing other things. .


When I’m stressed I confront and manage the stress so moltro strange and unusual.Recognized the problem, from what is born and if the stress is too strong. Thenstart thinking about a solution to get through and deal with it better.
Over the years I have discovered that a good way to manage stress and nervousness because it is away from people, to avoid any contact with it. Isolation is a good method because in this way I avoid arguing with the people around me, so I avoid creating other problems to solve. Furthermore, the isolation helps me concentrate on the reason that cause me stress, recognize how I can alleviate and shorten the duration. Stay away from people, from the chaos, noise gives mepeace and serenity necessary to overcome personal crises.

The depression

In this article i want give same aid for identify the depression in an period of stress:
desire to stay alone, distant from world, not any reaction for proclice only physical activity, or for study or hobby. It prefer the loneliness and neglect.
There is only sadness but no the happiness and vitality.

Bernardo Lanzaro