Now I tell you my story.. The last year when I have a history text, after the scool I tried unsuccessfully to study because I did not understand anything.  So I decided to go out, to take ice cream with my boyfriend. I was around all the afternoon to go shopping. Afteri, in the evening when I came to home I started to study with a lot of peaceful and calmer,  I studied until 2 am, maybe I slept only 3 hours. At 7 as usual I went to school and the exam went very well fortunately. Two years later I think it’s worth it just to sleep because it was the only way (maybe even a little irresponsible or crazy) to combat my anxieties by putting an end to my stress.



Giovanni and I will now tell our story earlier this year of stress at school. The teachers do not understand us and say that we do not study, but instead we spend our days with his head on the books in the true sense of the word. This year we shall probably have three debts even though the rejection is not expected .

I will tell my story.

hours will tell you my experience with stress.
In these last weeks of school I had some problems in studying history. I could not learn anything … the letters of the book seemed of little spidersthat walked … walked and walked but could not get to my head!
Fortunately (or near) the history lesson during the week is always the firstplace now … not to be questioned and I was entering at the second hour …so jumping forward in history!
Good life if only lasted! =)
Unfortunately professoresa noticing the repeated absences has threatened to call our parents (panic) … So we are forced … and afraid we were able to learn 52 pages of history in one day, intending to be interviewed onfollowing day, but … Surprise! the teacher decides not to question but to explain the next chapter (15 pages) and then assign it the next day andquestioned.
I ritovata at once in absolute horror because that afternoon I was supposed to get out of school at 5 pm!
Do not know what to do … I was exasperated because I knew that my timein the study are very slow and I would never be able to study the wholetime.
After being out of school and arriving home at 5.30 pm, I started studying.
Perhaps they are too bound to do so, I could not understand anything … I tried to make concept maps, but nothing tried … to make concept maps, but nothing!
So taken by anger from fear and exasperation I talked to my mother seeing me so stressed out she decided not to make me go to school … so to de-stress … and luckily after more than 7 hours and 10 hours of study school I went to bed a little happier! We must talk with loved ones when you have some problem .. so Maybe could solve it together!

My experience

Hello guys, I tell you my experience with stress. It all started at the end of the school year 2011, when I started the summer camp as an educator of children in the Oratory of Chiaiano, I and my other friends. From that moment I began to suffer the first symptoms of anxiety, I could not stay too long in contact with people, and whenever someone started talking about this situation I would burst into tears. Inthose days my family noticed I was losing weight and I no longer had the hunger that had always, for me to eat had become the worst moment of the day because I was afraid of being out of weight and not hungry, while my parents were afraid.Initially I hid this situation, but I could not hide this situation that overwhelmed meand I sfogai with my mother who then reported everything to my father and from there, however, I began to worry even più.Continuavo to lose weight and is therefore not I had the strength .. I left a little ‘home for 15 days because we went on holiday in Sardinia (Italy), and there, far away from it all, I managed to find that balance that I had lost! In time, after passing that stage I realized that it was a collapse due to all the stress accumulated throughout the winter school work, family problems and the end of the school began immediately oratory and therefore do not have time to recover and rest. Everything is based on the fact that wheneveryou are stressed, you need to find the right balance and affronate and pass the time!