Neurogenic tremors

As humans, we designed a biologically and neurologically to experience, endure and survive stressful events and even to evolve thanks to them. We are genetically coded to get rid of the tension generated by these events and get rid of any limitation that obstructs or interferes with the natural evolutionary process of the human body.
Every experience stressful or anxious to occur in the form physiological, emotional or interpersonal affect operation of the body.
The human muscular system is designed to contract robustly – as if to form a “protective shell” – when we are in danger of life. E ‘key to unlock these unconscious mechanisms after the conclusion of the stressful event. The overcoming of danger is associated with the issuance of protective contraction, which occurs physiologically with muscle tremor. The tremor restores a relaxed state muscle in order to prevent the development of joint pain and physical constraints.
Once the stressful event has ended, the body’s nervous system is designed to get rid of these types of muscular tension using a form of muscular tremor. These vibrations evoked by the autonomic nervous system, the same tremors we experience when we are scared, anxious or even pleasantly excited, signal the brain to release tension and generalized to return to a resting state. These tremors are known as neurogenic tremors.
All living species on this planet experience varying degrees of stress, anxiety, trauma and physical tension. Through this process the species learn to adapt to the environment. This process of adaptation makes the species stronger and more prepared to deal with future difficult experiences.
Remove the tension is a natural and common as it is to the same voltage.Accepting this aspect allows us to see the tension in a new light. Riprendendoci from every episode of our stressful lives following desire and more readily accept the reality of life.
…….Only by letting go of tension we can get rid of the past, projecting into the future and prepare for our next evolutionary experience!!!!ù



troppo complicato, troppi copia e incolla


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